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Eat the way you want
Worry about no free tables? Make your reservation through FanDine. Pay for your food and enjoy the service when you arrive the restaurant!
Don't want to wait in line for your meal anymore? Use FanDine to skip the line!
Too tired to pick up your order at the restaurant? Use FanDine app to place your delivery order, relax and wait for your food.
Select your choice of food with our digital menu, scan QR code to notify the waiters for your order and enjoy your meal. Simple as that!
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Custom design for each restaurant
Menu Translation
Save More Time
Higher Yields
Server App
Faster and better services
Track the actions of your customers. Get notified when they want to place orders or get the bill. Gain better understanding of your customers through our data analysis, enable you to provide better and more effective services.
About FanDine
Founded in 2014, FanDine Technology has dedicated itself to build the best possible one-stop dining experience. Our team consists of talents from both Canada and China. Throughout the past years, we have been trying to help our customers to enjoy food better.